Treasure Raiders (2002)

Treasure Raiders (2002)

Other name: 蕭十一郎 萧十一郎 割鹿刀 Ge Lu Dao Xiao Shi Yi Lang


Xiao Shiyi Lang is a happy-go-lucky thief who robs the rich and gives to the poor. On one of his missions, he gets involved in a messy fight for a legendary saber, the Deer Carver, and makes the acquaintance of Shen Bi Jun, the fairest woman in the martial world. By the will of fate, he rescues Shen several times, which plants the seed of love in both of their hearts.

However, Shen is engaged to Lian Cheng Bi, an outstanding young martial artist from a prominent family. The wedding will be held in a couple of days, and it doesn't help that Xiao is a mere thief, which is no comparison with Lian's or Shen's prominent family background. It appears that the romance between Xiao and Shen is hopeless from the very beginning.

Feng Si Niang, Xiao's best friend, is a beautiful swordswoman with a quick temper. Feng has always loved Xiao, but Xiao looks upon her merely as a sister. Meanwhile, another young man, Yang Kai Tai, is infatuated with Feng. The Yangs are prosperous horse breeders who run a big ranch. As a seasoned businessman, Yang is usually cautious and shrewd. However, whenever he is in Feng's presence, he becomes a dumb goose. Unknown to Kai Tai, his father, Yang Tian Zan, is hiding a murky and astonishing dark secret as the puzzle of the Deer Carver.

Their destinies are interwoven into a tangled web of love, greed, jealousy, hatred, and vengeance.

(Sources: Snowblue, DramaWiki)

Original Network: BTV;

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Action; Adventure; Historical; Martial Arts; Novel; Romance; Wuxia;

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