Shigatsu no Tokyo wa... (2023)

Shigatsu no Tokyo wa... (2023)

Other name: 4月の東京は… 4gatsu no Tokyo wa Tokyo in April Is... Токио в апреле...


The new employee Kazuma, who returned to Tokyo from America, reunites with his close friend from middle school, Ren, who is currently working as the top designer at their company. It is their first meeting since the abrupt farewell during their third year in middle school, 10 years ago. Ren was his best friend and his first love. He is as strong and good-looking as ever… And Kazuma is happy just being with him. However, Ren avoids the subject of their time in middle school rather unnaturally and acts like a friendly former-classmate… But he’s behaving this way because he is gay, and above all, fears being rejected by Kazuma. Yet one night, the two of them get together again…?

(Source: BLTai)

Adapted from the manga series "4gatsu no Tokyo wa" (4月の東京は…) by Haru (ハル).

Episodes: 8

Original Network: MBS;

Director: Ishibashi Yuho [石橋夕帆]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: BL; LGBTQ+; Romance; Workplace;

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