Takamatsu Aloha (DAN JYO) (2000)

Takamatsu Aloha (DAN JYO) (2000)

Other Name: 髙松アロハ たかまつあろは Aloha Takamatsu

Age: 24

Birthday: October, 26, 2000

Nationality: Kanagawa, Japan

Height: 173 CM

Takamatsu Aloha, known simply as ALOHA, is a Japanese dancer, actor and member of BULLET TRAIN, known in Japan as Choutokkyuu (超特急). In 2016, he was introduced as one of the finalist of "Kondo Yohdi Little Brother's Audition" and a few months later, he was introduced as part of dance-vocal unit DINO, a special unit made up of Avex Dance Master and Avex Academy students and that was active for about a year. In 2018, he joined Stardust Promotion after passing their audition and became part of "Battle Boys", a project where selected members performed their own original songs, appeared in content video, magazine interviews and promoted together for a limited time. Later that year, he became part of the agency's 1st co-ed group, DAN⇆JYO, that was active for nearly 2 years until disbanding in December 2020. In mid-2022, he made his debut as the new member of BULLET TRAIN as the group's main dancer. He is an avid surfer, skateboarder and trained in acrobatics since 2nd grade and parkour since high school. He is also an actor who debuted in 2019 with a minor role in the drama "Fake Motion" and has also appeared in several commercials and MVs.

(Source: Japanese = Wikipedia)

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