The Fabric (2022)

The Fabric (2022)

Other name: ผ้าผีบอก Paa Pee Bok Pha Phee Bok The Haunted Clothes


One thousand years ago in Wiang Chai Chet Buri, Chao Luang Rangsiman arranges a weaving competition to select a wife, his Chao Nang Luang on the throne. On the day the textiles are to be presented, Anyanang Homnuan of Nakhon Pha Ngam is strangled to death just before the weaving is finished. All the killer left behind was the silk mark around her throat.

One thousand years later, ghost-enthusiast Achi is head of an online ghost-hunting program. He invites a team of friends Young Jae, Bambam, and Junior to Chiang Mai to make the show. He lies to his great-grandmother that he's come just for a visit, but she's doubtful and warns him not to enter the storage room. Her words have the opposite of their intended effect, though, and Achi enters the room where he finds a small, ancient bit of cloth. When he makes contact with it, the spirit of Anyanang Homnuan emerges and tells him that those who touch the cloth must find her killer within three days or perish.

Achi and his friends must come together to solve the quest in order to save his life.

Director: Aum Natthaphong Aroonnet [ณัฐพงษ์ อรุณเนตร]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; Horror; Investigation; Mystery; Supernatural; Suspense;

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