Ten Years of Loving You (2022)

Ten Years of Loving You (2022)

Other name: 十年一品温如言 十年一品溫如言 十年一品温如言电影版 Shi Nian Yi Pin Wen Ru Yan To Our Ten Years


At 17, Wen Heng who was an adopted child, was finally found by her biological parents and brought back to the family home in Beijing. There, she tries to adjust to her new life with her new family but problems occur when her adopted sister felt threatened by her presence and started throwing tantrums. In an effort to keep the peace in the family, Wen Heng was asked to move into a family friend's house next door.

There, Wen Heng meets Yan Xi and the two of them slowly start to grow closer as they live together and go to school together. But this happy life didn't last long when Yan Xi has to return to America to be with his sick mother.

Loosely adapted from the novel "Shi Nian Yi Pin Wen Ru Yan" (十年一品温如言) by Shu Hai Cang Sheng.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Friendship; life; melodrama; Novel; Romance; Youth;

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