Tada's Do-It-All House: Disconcerto (2014)

Tada's Do-It-All House: Disconcerto (2014)

Other name: まほろ駅前狂騒曲 Mahoro Ekimae Kyousoukyoku Rhapsody in Front of Mahoro Station


Set within the fictional city of Mahoro, Tada Keisuke runs a "benriya" - a general problem solver for hire. His assistant is his former high school classmate Gyoten Haruhiko. A big crisis then occurs for them. ~~ Based on the novel "Mahoro Eki Mae Kyousoukyoku" by Shion Miura.

Director: Omori Tatsushi [大森立嗣]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Bromance; Comedy; Novel;

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