Royal Kitchen in Qing Dynasty (2020)

Royal Kitchen in Qing Dynasty (2020)

Other name: 紫禁城里的小食光 紫禁城裡的小食光 Zi Jin Cheng Li De Xiao Shi Guang Small light in the Forbidden City Императорская кухня династии Цин


Tells the love story of a pair of lovers in the Forbidden City who have passed the test in a specific environment and become a family member. The protagonist Jing Xian Ge and the palace royal chef Zhang Dong Guan overcome the differences in traditional family concepts, the disparity of identity and the pressures in specific spaces, and help the people around the palace, princes, generals, grids, and servants to solve problems and make The delicacies of elaborate cuisine resolve all kinds of contradictions. In the process, the two people overcome all difficulties, understand each other better, silently complete self-growth, and finally return to the life of ordinary people.

Director: Yu Zheng [于正]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Food; Historical; Romance;

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