Reply 1994

Reply 1994

Other name: 응답하라 1994 Eungdabhara 1994 Answer Me 1994 Respond 1994 Answer To 1994 Respond To 1994 Contéstame 1994


A drama about a group of college students who live in a boarding house located in Shinchon, run by Na Jung and her family, that houses students from all over the countryside who come to Seoul for college. It will cover the lives of college freshmen in 1994 as they learn to live in a big city and what the students will go through as they experience Seoul, the basketball tournament obsession, Seo Taiji and Kids, and other social issues that occurred in 1994.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family; Friendship; life; Romance; Sports; Youth;

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