Rental Kyuuseishu (2016)

Rental Kyuuseishu (2016)

Other name: レンタル救世主 レンタルきゅうせいしゅ 出租救世主 Rentaru Kyuseishu Rent a Rescue Rental Savior Rent-a-Rescue


“If you want help, but have no one to consult … At such times, make a phone call first!” Akenabe Yugo’s occupation is a “rental saviour”. He is a “saviour” who shows up to handle any kind of impossible demand for a limited time only. This is a peculiar, innovative rental service which has appeared as a result of a movement in the rental industry. But Akenabe is certainly not a fellow to be worshiped as a saviour. He is just a very good-natured middle-aged man who is forced to be one as a way to make supplementary income through this commission-based, for-profit, confidential service because he has a huge debt and a wife and child. On the other hand Aoi Denjiro, who is a “rental saviour” together with Akenabe, is a big show-off who loves attention.

Original Network: NTV;

Director: Sugawara Shintaro [菅原伸太郎], Suzuki Yuma [鈴木勇馬], Kariyama Shunsuke [狩山俊輔]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Business; Comedy;

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