Fujii Ryusei (1993)

Fujii Ryusei (1993)

Other Name: 藤井流星 ふじい りゅうせい 후지이 류세이 Ryusei Fujii Ryusei Fuji Fuji Ryusei Fujii Ryuusei Ryuusei Fujii Фудзии, Рюсэи

Age: 31

Birthday: August, 18, 1993

Nationality: Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Height: 170 CM

Zodiac sign: Leo

Fujii Ryusei is a member of Johnny's WEST and used to be in Kansai Johnny's Jr. group 7WEST. He has two younger sisters, Fujii Shuuka and Fujii Karen, who are members of EXILE sister groups FLOWER and Happiness respectively.

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