Punk Samurai Slash Down (2018)

Punk Samurai Slash Down (2018)

Other name: パンク侍、斬られて候 龐克武士 Panku Samurai Kirarete Soro


Junoshin Kake (Gou Ayano) is a ronin. To get hired by the Kurokaze Han, he lies and tells them that a religious group is trying to destroy them. He gets hired by the Kurokaze Han, but they learn that Junoshin Kake lied. Junoshin Kake is given the death sentence and he must think of an escape plan.

Director: Ishii Gakuryu [石井岳龍]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts; Novel; Samurai;

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