No Tomorrow (2016)

No Tomorrow (2016)

Other name: 섬. 사라진 사람들 사라진 내일 奴隷の島、消えた人々 島:消失的人們 Sarajin Naeil Seom. Sarajin Salamdeul Gone Tomorrow


Hye Ri, a TV reporter, decides to cover the story about a disabled run-away modern slave. She learns of suspicious activity related to slavery at salt mines on a remote island and convinces her camera man to accompany her to the site. She disguises herself as a producer for a documentary on salt mines and attempts to gather information through interviewing people of the island. However, the residents of the island deduce that she is not what she says she is and slowly turn aggressive toward her team.

Based on the "Salt Farm Slaves" scandal that shocked the world.

Director: Lee Ji Seung [이지승]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Based on True Story; Crime; Drama; Investigation; Thriller;

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