Nemuri no Mori (2014)

Nemuri no Mori (2014)

Other name: Sleeping Forest , “新参者”加賀恭一郎「眠りの森」


A man is found dead in a office of Takayanagi Ballet Company. The suspect is a female dancer at the ballet company. The Takayanagi Ballet Company insists that the incident is a self defense case, but after an investigation there's doubts in that claim. Then, the director of the Takayanagi Ballet Company is poisoned to death. Are the cases related? ~~ Based on the 1989 novel "Nemuri no Mori" (Kaga Kyoichiro Series #2) by Higashino Keigo

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Crime; Detective; Investigation; Mystery;

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