When Life Gives You Tangerines (2025)

When Life Gives You Tangerines (2025)

Other name: 폭싹 속았수다 수고 많으셨습니다 인생 Insaeng You Have Done Well Life Thank You For Your Hardwork You Were Fooled


Ae Soon who is rebellious but gets nervous every time she rebels. She isn’t well off but is always shining and full of positivity. She dreams of becoming a poet although she is unable to attend school, and she is a bold character who doesn’t hide any emotions.

Gwan Shik, an extremely diligent and quiet character. Romance isn’t a strength for him, however, and he doesn’t know how to act if Ae Soon cries or laughs, but he is a silent warrior who only loves Ae Soon from the very beginning and pours his all into loving her.

Episodes: 16

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Original Network: Netflix;

Director: Kim Won Seok [김원석]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2025

Genre: Drama; life; melodrama; Romance;

Airs: Dec 31, 2025

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