Let's Go, Jets! (2017)

Let's Go, Jets! (2017)

Other name: チア☆ダン~女子高生がチアダンスで全米制覇しちゃったホントの話~ Chia☆Dan ~Joshi Kosei ga Chia Dansu de Zenbei Seiha Shichatta Honto no Hanashi~ Cheerdance Cheer Dance Let's Go, JETS! From Small Town Girls to U.S. Champions?!


Female students, including Tomonaga Hikari and Tamaki Ayano, from a high school cheer dance club, follow strict instructions from their teacher Saotome Kaoruko. They compete at the USA Cheerdance Championship. ~~ Based on the true story of the cheerleading club "JETS" from Fukui Commercial High School. They won a national competition in the USA in 2009.

Director: Hayato Kawai [河合勇人]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; School; Sports;

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