Amami Yuki (1967)

Amami Yuki (1967)

Other Name: 天海祐希 中野祐里 あまみ ゆうき なかの ゆり 아마미 유키 Nakano Yuri Yuri Nakano Yuki Amami Амами, Юки יוקי אמאמי ياوكى امامى

Age: 57

Birthday: August, 08, 1967

Nationality: Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 171 CM

Zodiac sign: Leo

Amami Yuki, born Nakano Yuri, in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese stage and screen actress.

Amami joined the drama club in junior high school and the second year, she was recommended by her homeroom teacher who turned out to be a fan of Takarazuka Revue. She studied ballet in her high school years in preparation for Takarazuka music school. She joined Takarazuka music school in 1985 after her high school graduation and became a member of the troupe in 1987, and she made her stage debut under Snow Troupe (Yuki-Gumi). Amami was the youngest actress in the history of Takarazuka Revue to be cast in a top male role (Otokoyaku). As an Otokoyaku (男役), she belonged to the Moon Troupe (Tsuki-gumi).

Amami was involved in various famous musicals when she was in the company, including "Gone With the Wind", where she starred as Rhett Butler, and "Me and My Girl". She retired from the stage company in 1995 and began to work as a TV and movie actress. "Inugami" (2001), "Rikon Bengoshi" series (2004-05), "The Queen's Classroom" (2005), and "BOSS" series (2009-11) are her most notable TV and film projects for which she won multiple accolades.

In May 2013, Amami suffered a mild heart attack after performing in the stage production "L’honneur de Napoleon" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Although she wanted to return, she decided to bow out of the role on her doctor's advice and wrote a letter of apology to her fans.

Amami Yuki is represented with the agency Ken-On, which she joined after the invitation from Karasawa Toshiaki after co-starring in NHK Taiga drama "Toshiie and Matsu".

Active Years: 1987 - now

Blood Type: O

Awards: Blue Ribbon Awards for Best Actress

Occupation: Actress

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