Kanojotachi no Hanzai (2023)

Kanojotachi no Hanzai (2023)

Other name: 彼女たちの犯罪 かのじょたちのはんざい Their Crime


Himura Mayumi, Jinno Yukari, and Kumazawa Riko all have different backgrounds and seem to have no connections between themselves. Due to a missing woman's case, the lives of these 3 women diverges into unexpected directions. Their hidden secrets are revealed and the truth behind the case is revealed.

Himura Mayumi is 32 years old and single. She works in the public relations department for a large clothing company. Himura Mayumi experiences setbacks at her job and she now wants to get married to escape from work. Marriage isn't so easy for her now and she feels anxious. Himura Mayumi longs to experience ordinary happiness.

Jinno Yukari is a 34 year old housewife and her in-laws are a wealthy family. Her life seems comfortable, but she is always lonely. She doesn't have a child. Her husband treats her like a housemaid and she doesn't have anyone around that she can trust. Jinno Yukari also longs to experience ordinary happiness.

Kumazawa Riko is a 29 year old rookie detective who has recently begun to work in detective division. She longs to have ordinary happiness.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Adapted from the novel "Kanojotachi no Hanzai" (彼女たちの犯罪) by Yokozeki Dai (横関大).

Original Network: NTV; YTV;

Director: Kikuchi Takeo [菊地健雄] and Takahashi Natsuki [高橋名月]

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Detective; Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Novel; Suspense; Thriller;

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