Ishii Anna (1998)

Ishii Anna (1998)

Other Name: 石井杏奈 いしい あんな 이시이 안나 Anna Ishii Исии, Анна

Age: 26

Birthday: July, 11, 1998

Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 163 CM

Ishii Anna is a Japanese actress and model.

After her mother's encouragement, she started dancing when she was in her second year of primary school. She was later scouted to join the Exile Professional Gym in her fifth grade when she took part in a dance competition. She debuted as a model in the U-15 fashion magazine "Nico Puchi" in 2010 before joining E-girls.

In April 2012, Anna debuted as an actress with a cameo appearance in the drama "Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou." She continued to strengthen her acting skills in diverse roles such as "Girls Step," which earned her the 58th Blue Ribbon Best New Comer Award.

In 2016, Ishii won the 5th Confidence Drama New Comer Award for her portrayal as Nagisa Arima in the drama "Aogeba Totoshi."

(Source: Wikipedia)

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