Judge! (2014)

Judge! (2014)

Other name: ジャッジ! 菜鳥評審員 菜鸟评审员 Jyajji!


Kiichiro Ota has recently begun work at an advertising agency. He is then forced to participate in the world's biggest TV Advertising Festival as a judge. There's parties held there every night and Kiichiro is paired with Hikari Ota, who shares the same family name, to act like husband and wife there.

At the festival, Kiichiro learns that if he doesn't allow the CM from his agency to win the grand prize then he will be fired. Directors from all over the world are gathered at the festival and the judges work within a hotel that is completely closed off. The directors scheme and bargain to make their agency win the grand prize.

Rival Japanese judges appear in front of Kiichiro.

Director: Nagai Akira [永井聡]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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