Jao Sao Nai Sailom (2023)

Jao Sao Nai Sailom (2023)

Other name: เจ้าสาวในสายลม Bride in the Wind


Chalai and Rotsinee are friends with completely different personalities and appearance. Chalai is a plain-looking woman who comes from a middle-class family and must earn money to support her family while Rotsinee is more beautiful and attractive and has grown up selfish and self-centred because of her mother's spoiling.

Their friendship leads Rotsinee to know Pariyet, who is Chalai's first love. This results in Pariyet having a crush on Rotsinee because of her beauty. Unfortunately, although they date, Rotsinee chooses to marry a richer and more suitable man. This leaves Pariyet heartbroken and allows Chalai to be there as his support. Eventually, he decides to open his heart to Chalai, and they begin to plan a wedding.

Then one day, Rotsinee returns after a failed marriage. This reignites the desire in Pariyet's heart, and he ends up cheating on Chalai — picking Rotsinee over Chalai once again. Their wedding gets cancelled and Chalai, heartbroken, runs away to a province to start over her life. And perhaps, to find love again.

Adapted from the novel" Bride in the Wind" (เจ้าสาวในสายลม) by V. Vinichayakul (ว.วินิจฉัยกุล).

Original Network: GMM One;

Director: Pin Kriengkraisakul [ผิน เกรียงไกรสกุล]

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama;

Airs: Dec 31, 2023

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