Happy Bad Year (2023)

Happy Bad Year (2023)

Other name: ชะนีปีชง Chani Pi Chong


The destinies of three sisters have been linked since ancient times. It follows the story of Duean, the eldest sister and a top real estate broker; Duean, the middle sister and a famous leading lady and the youngest Dream, a new graudate who trades crypto.

When an old curse rears its head, the three are forced to move back in together and follow a set of rules to dispel the bad luck and return to lucky lives.

(Source: Thai = TrueID)

Episodes: 20

Original Network: Workpoint TV;

Director: Tee Meechoke Rasdranuwat [ตี๋ มีโชค ราษฎรานุวัต]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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