Godfather (2021)

Godfather (2021)

Other name: 新 가족관계증명서 갓파더 Sin Gajoggwangyejeungmyeongseo Gaspadeo New Family Relations Certificate Godfather


Three actors who are the nation’s fathers, Lee Soon Jae, Ju Hyun, and Kim Kap Soo, and the nation’s sons, the former basketball player Heo Jae, Comedian Moon Se Yoon, and Trot Singer Jang Min Ho show us the ideal father and son relationships and make us relate to them. You can look into the clumsiness of Basketball President Heo Jae and the cuteness and impersonation skills of Eating Show Fairy Se Yoon who is also good at cooking. Three warm-hearted and sweet fathers give advice to the sons with their forthright comments. Moreover, Kap Soo, the youngest father, reveals how friendly he is. Look forward to their hip and special chemistries which you’ve never seen before!

Original Network: KBS2;

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2021

Genre: Family; Variety;

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