Choi Min Soo (1962)

Choi Min Soo (1962)

Other Name: 최민수 Choi Min Su Choe Min Soo Choe Min Su

Age: 62

Birthday: March, 27, 1962

Nationality: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 178 CM

Choi was born in Seoul in 1962. Choi's family has been active in acting and singing for over the last eight decades. Choi was born as the son of Choi Moo Ryong, a popular actor of the 1960s and 1970s, and Kang Hyo Shil, an actress. His maternal grandmother is Jeon Ok, referred to as Queen of Tears for her excellence at acting for tragic dramas. His grandfather is Kang Hong Shik, an actor, a film director and singer active during the Japanese occupation period. Kang Hong Shik and Jeon Ok was the first married couple in Korean entertainment history. Kang went over to North Korea along with his daughter Kang Hyo Son who later became a famous actress of North Korea. Kang Hong Shik was honoured as "Merited artist" as well.

Choi graduated from Seoul Arts College. Choi debuted to the film industry in 1985 with Son of God, a film adapted from Park Bong Seong's same-titled manhwa.

Choi met his wife June Elizabeth Kang from an international Miss Korea Beauty Pageant in 1993 where Kang was "Miss Canada". Choi proposed to Kang after a 3-hour meeting and they were married June 18, 1994, in Seoul. They have two children.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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