Fukumen D (2022)

Fukumen D (2022)

Other name: 覆面D Masked D Mask D


Daisuke Daichi, dreams of becoming a passionate teacher at a high school, but all the students in his class, the 3rd grade D, have problems that are a microcosm of today's Japanese society.

One incident leads Daichi to be scouted by the BBT, a professional wrestling organization, and he also becomes active as a masked wrestler, Masked D. Daisuke, while keeping the truth hidden, struggles to save the students. Will he be able to solve the problems of the students by fighting as "Masked D" and facing them head-on?

This socially-conscious school entertainment depicts a teacher who never gives up and puts his body on the line to face his students no matter what, and the students who are facing various problems!

Original Network: AbemaTV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; life; Sports; Youth;

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