Sekiguchi Mandy (1991)

Sekiguchi Mandy (1991)

Other Name: 関口 メンディー Mandy Sekiguchi Sekiguchi Mendy Mendy Sekiguchi

Age: 33

Birthday: January, 25, 1991

Nationality: Japan

Height: 0 CM

Mandy is half Japanese-half Nigerian. He is a performer of a jpop group GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE.

In 2014 he joined the main group, EXILE, after being one of the winners of the EXILE Performer Battle Audition.

In 2016 he became part of a newly formed hip hop unit called Honest Boyz together with EXILE's NAOTO, Verbal, SWAY, and NIGO. They provided the theme song for Naoto's drama Night Hero NAOTO.

As a dancer, Mandy is a member of ®AG POUND and Twiggz Fam, some of the earliest Japanese krump crews, along with EXILE TRIBE's other krump dancers AKIRA, Naoki, Iwata Takanori, and Sano Reo. In Twiggz Fam, Mandy performs under the stage name Monsta Twiggz.

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