Zhou Yu Tong (1994)

Zhou Yu Tong (1994)

Other Name: 周雨彤 周艺 Zhou Yi Chow Yu Tung Чжоу Юйтун

Age: 30

Birthday: September, 21, 1994

Nationality: Anhui, China

Height: 167 CM

Zhou Yu Tong is a Chinese actress who was born in Huainan City of Anhui Province, graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art Performance Department 2012.

In 2013, Zhou made her acting debut in the children's fantasy film Balala the Fairies: The Magic Trial. She then starred in the youth film comedy 20 Once Again as a rock musician.

Zhou gained recognition as an adult for her role as a cold assassin in the 2015 fantasy romance drama "Love Weaves Through a Millennium." Her first leading role was the following year, in the 2016 fantasy web drama "The Journey". In 2017, Zhou gained recognition for her role as a top actress in the fantasy action web drama "Cambrian Period." The same year, Zhou starred in fantasy romance drama "Long For You", adapted from the comic "The Distance of Light Between You and Me". In 2018, Zhou played a mermaid in the fantasy romance web series "My Love From the Ocean." In 2019, she starred in the youth wuxia drama "Young Blood".

She has won 2019 Fashion Artist of the Year by Sina Fashion Awards and 2019 Fashion Figure of the Year by iFeng Fashion Choice Awards.

Active Years: 2013 - now

Occupation: actress

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