My Love from the Ocean (2018)

My Love from the Ocean (2018)

Other name: 来自海洋的你 Lai Zi Hai Yang De Ni


In a worldwide drug-poisoning case, a treasure-seeker named Chi Lu will be disguised as a visiting scholar to Hai Yan due to an entrust. This has broke the calm and peaceful life of a girl named Dai Xi. As the missions go on, their feelings will both gradually warm up. However, the disappearance of the Professor Dai, the exposure of Chi Lu’s real identity and the true recipe of the secret drug will also be revealed in the midst of that. Dai Xi are full of doubts and suspicions and she can no longer ignore the strange changes in her body...

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Fantasy; Investigation; Mermaid; Mystery; Resurrection; Romance;

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