Jessie Zhang (1987)

Jessie Zhang (1987)

Other Name: 张芷溪 張芷溪 张熙 Zhang Xi Zhang Zhi Xi Zhang Jessie

Age: 37

Birthday: October, 07, 1987

Nationality: China

Height: 167 CM

Zhang Zhi Xi is a Chinese actress born as Zhang Xi in Longnan, Gansu Province and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. She formally entered showbiz in 2011 with her participation in her first TV series "Glory Land". In March 2018, she won the "Potential Newcomer" award at Youku YC Festival for her performance in "The Advisors Alliance". In January 2020, she won the "Popular Supporting Actress" Award at the 2019 Film and Television Model Annual General Evaluation for her performance in the costume myth drama "Love and Destiny".

In October 2020, Jin Han (金瀚) was reported to be in a relationship with Zhang.

In November 2021, Zhang Zhi Xi and Jin Han confirmed the end of their relationship on Weibo.

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