Till The End of The Moon (2023)

Till The End of The Moon (2023)

Other name: 长月烬明 长月无烬 長月燼明 月照千峰为一人 黑月光拿稳BE剧本 Hei Yue Guang Wen Na BE Ju Ben Yue Zhao Qian Feng Wei Yi Ren Zhang Yue Wu Jin Zhang Yue Jin Ming


In an era when the demons are in power, they are the masters of the despicable cultivators and mortals. The cultivator elders deem it necessary to send someone back in time, to determine the origin of the demon lord and to prevent his awakening.

Li Su Su accepts the mission, becoming the mortal Ye Xi Wu, General Ye's third daughter who is married to Tantai Jin, the hostage prince and future demon lord. She is determined to destroy Tantai Jin, who in the future will massacre many. But as a witness to Tantai Jin's past life and rise to power, an unexpected tale emerges, one complicating her quest.

Adapted from the web novel "Hei Yue Guang Na Wen BE Ju Ben" (黑月光拿稳BE剧本) by Teng Luo Wei Zhi (藤萝为枝).

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Kuk Kok Leung [鞠觉亮]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Adventure; Demon; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts; Novel; Romance; Transmigration; Wuxia;

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