Yang Jae Woong (1982)

Yang Jae Woong (1982)

Other Name: 양재웅

Age: 42

Birthday: June, 01, 1982

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 181 CM

Yang Jae Woong is a South Korean psychiatrist and TV personality. He graduated from Chonbuk National University with a degree in Medicine and later obtained a specialization in Psychiatric Medicine from Ajou University. He made his first television appearance in 2017 as a mental health expert and has continued in that role, appearing in several variety programs, including “Heart Signal” (2017) and “Heart Signal 2” (2018), among many others. On June 29, 2022, it was reported that he had been dating EXID's Hani for two years. He is the younger brother of Yang Jae Jin and both have appeared together as medical experts on variety shows, as radio MCs and have a joint Youtube channel called "Yang Bros' Mental World".

(Source: Namu Wiki)

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