Angel Wang (1982)

Angel Wang (1982)

Other Name: 王俊美 王鸥 王鷗 Wang Ou Wang Jun Mei Wang Angel Энджел Ван

Age: 42

Birthday: October, 28, 1982

Nationality: China

Height: 170 CM

Wang Ou is a Chinese model and actress. She was born in Nanning, Guanzhou, China. Her parents divorced when she was young and because they had to work away from home, she was raised by distant relatives. In middle school, she decided to go to dancing school to study folk dance because students were offered boarding and they were paid for their dance performances. With this, she was able to become financially independent at 15 and send money home back to her mother. Her father passed away from illness when she was 24, and she has a younger half sister 14 years younger than her whom she regards as a daughter.

Her professional career began when her cousin pushed her to enter a modeling competition, which she did so reluctantly but surprisingly ended up getting first place. Afterwards, she signed with a modeling agency and worked as a model for 4 years. She entered the world of acting after 2003 when she competed in a modeling competition hosted by CCTV. She won fourth place and the most photogenic award and was subsequently discovered by a director. Her acting breakthrough came in 2015 when she acted in both "Nirvana in Fire" and "The Disguiser." She is also known for her role in the variety show "Who's The Murderer."

Active Years: 2004 - now

Occupation: actress

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