My Enemy, My Neighbour (2019)

My Enemy, My Neighbour (2019)

Other name: 我的冤家住对门 我的冤家住對門 我的前妻住對門 我的前妻住对门 My Enemy My Neighbour That Neighbour is My Ex-Wife Моя соседка - мой враг


A woman chases after her ex-husband in a hilarious and heartwarming story that follows her journey towards remarrying the man that she loves.

Resident nice guy Pan Xiang Dong has married Luo Jie, the resident school beauty. Although they were short on money, life after marriage was blissful. Suddenly, Luo Jie asked for a divorce which caught Xiang Dong by surprise. Unable to talk her out of it, he had no choice but to agree.

Pan Xiang Dong touches a low point in his life due to the divorce. He meets Cai Hao Gui, a man in the same boat as him. Under Cai Hao Gui's encouragement, Pan Xiang Dong buys a lottery ticket and actually wins the jackpot to become a millionaire.

At this time, Luo Jie returns asking to get back together. She explains that she thought she was dying from a terminal illness and only left to spare him the trouble. Given that it was a misdiagnosis, she wants to get married again. Pan Xiang Dong assumes that his ex-wife has returned because of his money and refuses her. Determined to get her life back together, Luo Jie moves in next door to become her husband's neighbor.

Director: Wang Jun Ye [王骏晔]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Bromance; Comedy; Family; Romance;

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