Mook Worranit Thawornwong (1996)

Mook Worranit Thawornwong (1996)

Other Name: มุก วรนิษฐ์ ถาวรวงศ์ Mook Thawornwong Worranit

Age: 28

Birthday: October, 09, 1996

Nationality: Bangkok, Thailand

Height: 170 CM

Zodiac sign: Libra

Worranit Thawornwong, nicknamed Mook, is an actor and singer born in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Kasetsart University majoring in Mass Communication. Mook has one older brother, GMMTV actor and singer "Mek" Jirakit Thawornwong.

At fourteen years old, Mook's interest in signing lead her start auditioning and actively posting cover songs on YouTube channel. Her cover songs caught the attention of Bang Channel (later known as GMMTV) and she was asked to audition. Afterwards, as a signed artist, her acting career started in 2014 with the Bang Channel drama "Rakjing Ping Koe: Love Opposite."

In June 2022, Mook signed her third contract with GMMTV, what will equate to fifteen years of her life in total under the company. Worranit is one of the GMMTV artists with more seniority and domestic popularity, having consistent work in lead roles throughout the years.

In her singing career, Mook is known for her numerous OSTs, notably "Phut Wa Rak Nai Jai" for "Senior Secret Love," and "Mai Thammada" from "U-Prince." She has also starred in "The Mask Singer Thailand."

Mook has a YouTube channel called 'mookworranit' where she posts vlogs and Q&A videos. She owns a fashion brand called dayandnight.bkk.

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