U-prince Series: The Ambitious Boss

U-prince Series: The Ambitious Boss

Other name: U-Prince the Series เรื่อง Ambitious Boss U-Prince The Series เรื่อง Ambitious Boss บริหารรักกั๊กหัวใจยัยจอมยุ่ง U Prince: Ambitious Boss U-Prince: The Ambitious Boss U-Prince The Series: The Ambitious Boss


Mantou, the favorite daughter of a Mafia boss, has a great dream of getting married once high school is over. Her parents arrange her marriage, even though the first was a failure, they expect the second to work. Brian is the son of a great chief of the West and also the owner of a large embassy. He is the future husband of Mantou.

At first, she refuses since she feels nothing for Brian, not knowing that Brian is in a situation just like her, and he hates her. However, Brian strives so that the marriage is achieved without knowing that he, in doing so, creates a great war between the Mafia bosses.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Action; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Gangster; Romance; School;

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