Tane Jaturawit Kochanuam (1976)

Tane Jaturawit Kochanuam (1976)

Other Name: เทน จตุรวิทย์ คชน่วม Chatunwit Khotnuam Uthen Jaturawit Kochanuam

Age: 48

Birthday: February, 08, 1976

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Tane Jaturawit Kochanuam is an actor born in Chantaburi, Thailand. He holds Master degree from Kasetsart University, Faculty of Political Science.

Tane graduated from the Royal Police Cadet Academy, the 53rd class. His current rank is Police Major or "phan-tumruad-tree" Jaturawit Kochanuam. Tane was—and still is—a police officer before he started acting; his first lakorn was Look Poo Chai Hua Jai Petch, in which he acted the role of a police oficer.

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