Ram Chiang (1961)

Ram Chiang (1961)

Other Name: 蔣志光 Tseung Chi Kwong Chiang Chi Kwong Cheung Chi Gwong

Age: 63

Birthday: July, 02, 1961

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Ram Chiang, also known as Tseung Chi Kwong (born 2 July 1961), is a veteran Hong Kong actor and former singer-composer, currently under Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) management. A versatile actor who is most recognized for his many supporting roles in TVB dramas, Chiang was awarded the "TVB Professional Actor Awards" in 2014 for his many years as a dedicated TVB employee.Ram Chiang started out singing cover songs of other artists before he was invited by George Lam, one of the singers he imitated, to perform alongside him on stage in 1985. During the concert, George Lam gave him the English name "Ram" as opposed to George's "Lam", since "L" and "R" together make a stereo sound. After this, Ram was signed to Polydor Records in 1985. He became well known for performing classic 90s Hong Kong pop songs such as "You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Meet with Each Other" (相逢何必曾相識, a duet with Rita Carpio), and "Queen's Road East" (皇后大道東, a collaboration with Lo Ta-yu). After becoming disenchanted with the Hong Kong music industry, Chiang decided to quit being a singer in the early 1990s and signed with TVB to become an actor. He mostly played supporting roles. In 2014, his popularity skyrocketed when Wong Cho-lam wrote a role tailor-made for Chiang when he was cast as Ko Yam (高音), a talented washed-up musician with a tragic past in the comedy Come On, Cousin. The role won him the "2014 Best Supporting Actor" award at TVB's annual anniversary awards and saw a resurgence in his singing career. Chiang is married and has a son. He is a private person and does not talk about his family much. Being a devout Christian, Chiang does not attend the blessing ceremonies of any projects he works on, as the blessing ceremony has folk religious connotations incompatible with Christian teachings. It is an industry-standard in Hong Kong for the filming cast and crew to offer incense to the gods to ask for their blessings of safety and smooth production during filming.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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