TVB Rear Mirror

TVB Rear Mirror

Other name: 載得有情人 载得有情人 男大当婚 男大當婚 分岔路上的他和她 Joi Dak Yau Ching Yan Zai De You Qing Ren Nan Da Dang Hun Naam Daai Dong Fan Fen Cha Lu Shang De Ta He Ta Fan Cha Lou Seung Di Ta Wo Ta Rear Mirror Rear Window


Minibus driver Kei Yat Sing failed to heed to his late father's advice and suffers a series of setbacks in his relationship and career. Despite this, he stays strong and insists on raising the son that his girlfriend had with another man. His neighbour, Hung Ji Lung, has always looked up to Yat SIng as a big brother. Ji Lung hopes that Yat Sing would be with his sister Hung Lai Sa, but he is hesitant to enter into a new relationship.

A traffic accident causes Kei Yat to encounter Yiu Ngai Yat, the CEO of a large corporation. She admires his personality and hires him as her personal driver. The politics at the corporation is complex and Ngai Yat finds herself fighting alone. The only person she can trust is her cousin Yiu Chi Hau, but he lacks his own opinion and has an ambiguous relationship with an employee Mui Man Gwan. One time, Ngai Yat mistakenly believes that Kei Yat betrayed her and demands that he quit within seven days. At this critical moment, he helps her escape from the difficult situation. A subtle bond starts to form, but they are held back due to the difference in their social status. Living in a fairytale-like reality, the main characters wander between blurred lines…

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Romance;

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