Oh Seung Hoon (1991)

Oh Seung Hoon (1991)

Other Name: 오승훈 吳承勳 吴承勳 オ・スンフン О Сын Хун

Age: 33

Birthday: February, 11, 1991

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 178 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Oh Seung Hoon, a graduate of Kyung Hee University, is a model turned actor: on the stage, movie theatres and TV screens. His 2015 movie debut was in an independent film "Your Season". In 2016 he appeared in the short film "Battle", as well as on the stage with "Lemain." He has been exponentially busy in 2017 appearing in dramas "Defendant" and "Doubtful Victory," films "Method" and "Monsters" while juggling with stage work in "M. Butterfly" and "Bad Magnet."

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