Welcome to Bongtaeri (2023)

Welcome to Bongtaeri (2023)

Other name: 봉태리 웰컴 투 봉태리 Bong-tae-ri


A delightful, fantasy, romantic comedy film featuring 'Il-woo' who became a 'fake natural person' and Bong-sook who became a 'fake farmer' in Bongtaeri, the dead end of life.

Thinking that 'a home of one's own' and 'stable and happy life' go together, Il-woo goes to the mountainous valley called Bongtaeri for the first time to save a failing pharmaceutical company and get 200% of his annual salary, in turn becoming a 'fake natural person'.

Bong-sook's parents, on the other hand, declared that their economic aid will be suspended so to achieve their dreams, Bong-sook becomes a 'fake farmer' in Bongtaeri

Director: Park Jeong Rye [박정례]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Romance;

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