Ni Da Hong (1960)

Ni Da Hong (1960)

Other Name: 倪大宏 倪大红 倪小孩 倪荐红 Ngai Tai Hung Ngai Tai Wang Ни Дахун

Age: 64

Birthday: April, 18, 1960

Nationality: Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China

Height: 165 CM

Zodiac sign: Aries

Ni Da Hong is a Chinese actor. His agency is Beijing Television (紫禁城影业经纪部).

Ni became a sent-down youth in Daqing after Mao Ze Dong launched the Down to the Countryside Movement. In 1980, he was accepted to Jixi Drama Troupe as a student. In 1986, he graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and was assigned to the National Experimental Theatre (now the National Theatre Company of China).

In 1984, Ni made his film debut in Xie Jin's "Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain".

Ni has garnished awards that include Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, and Society Award. At the 2019 25th Shanghai TV Festival, he won Best Actor.

Active Years: 1984 - now

Occupation: actor, presenter

(Source: Wikipedia)

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