Forever Designation (2011)

Forever Designation (2011)

Other name: 永不磨灭的番号 永不磨滅的番號 Yong Bu Mo Mie De Fan Hao Wing Bat Mo Mit Di Faan Hou Indelible Number Знак вечности


A sudden blockade pushes the militia captain Li Chi Shui to the front line. In order to be a good captain of the brigade in his county, he uses tactical strategies from recruiting troops to training the team. Finally, the team slowly matures. The attack of North China has begun. The task of the county brigade is to block more than 30,000 elite Japanese troops and protect the Eighth Route Army headquarters in the rear at all costs. Facing the mission of life and death, Li Chi Shui puts forward a request - the designation of a regular main force. The soldiers of the county brigade go to the battlefield with the promise of the chief. The war was fought for several days and nights, and the county brigade fought hard with all they had. After more than a month, the chief returned to the battlefield, and in front of graves one after another, he fulfilled his promise-" They defended the dignity of the Eighth Route Army with their lives! The designation I conferred today will never disappear, and will live on for generation after generation. For the sake of the Chinese nation, we can fight any enemy to the end.

Original Network: BTV; Shenzhen TV;

Director: Xu Ji Zhou [徐纪周]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Action; Historical; Military; War;

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