Nam Myeong Ryeol (1959)

Nam Myeong Ryeol (1959)

Other Name: 남명렬 南明烈 ナム・ミョンリョル Nam Myung Ryeol Nam Myeong Ryul Nam Myung Ryul Нам Мён Рыль Նամ Մյոնգ Ռյուլ

Age: 64

Birthday: May, 14, 1959

Nationality: Daejeon, South Korea

Height: 179 CM

Nam Myung Ryul is a South Korean actor who was born on May 14, 1959, in Daejeon, South Korea. He graduated from Chungnam National University’s Daedeok Campus and made his debut as a stage play actor in the mid-1980s. Over the course of his career, he has appeared in movies such as “1818” (1997) and “All About My Wife” (2012), as well as the drama series titles “Hospital Playlist” and “When My Love Blooms” (2020).

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