My Holo Love (2020)

My Holo Love (2020)

Other name: 너와 나 혼자 야 나 홀로 그대 Na Hollo Geudae I am Alone I'm Alone You, Holo, and Me Me Alone and You I Holo You


“Me Alone and You” is about the events that occur when a lonely woman meets the artificially intelligent “Holo.” The drama is filled with stories of heartbreaking loneliness and tear-stained love.

Go Nan Do is the owner of an IT research company. As a genius inventor, he started the company, and all projects were created through his hands. However, the only people who are aware of his existence are his stepsister and the official CEO. He was a hacker in a major case 10 years ago and supposedly died while being pursued.

Han So Yeon is an assistant manager at a glasses company. Whether it is working on brand marketing or the logistics of the launching party for the company’s flagship store, she shoulders on her work and stays ahead of the industry’s trends. She meticulously takes care of her clients and her work. However, when it comes to her personal life, she keeps her distance as she suffers from prosopagnosia the inability to recognize faces.

Director: Lee Sang Yeob [이상엽] and Yoon Jong Ho [윤종호]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action; Artificial Intelligence; Cold Man; Drama; melodrama; Romance; Sci-fi; Trauma;

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