Nakajima Sota (Fantastics from Exile Tribe) (1999)

Nakajima Sota (Fantastics from Exile Tribe) (1999)

Other Name: 中島颯太 Sota Nakajima

Age: 25

Birthday: August, 18, 1999

Nationality: Japan

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Leo

Sota is a member of a Jpop group Fantastics from Exile Tribe, managed by LDH.

As a kid he attended EXILE's concert which inspired him to become a professional singer. To pursue his dream he took vocal lessons at LDH's dance school EXPG in Osaka.

In 2017, when LDH announced Vocal Battle Audition 5 to find vocalists for one of their groups, Fantastics, Sota auditioned and was one of the winners along with Yagi Yusei. He made his debut in Fantastics in 2018.

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