Love Death Match (2023)

Love Death Match (2023)

Other name: 恋愛デスマッチ「国宝級彼氏オーディション」 Renai Desu Matchi "Kokuho-kyu Kareshi Odishon" Renai Desu Matchi "Kokuho-kyu Kareshi Audition" Ren'ai Desumatchi "Kokuhō-kyū Kareshi Ōdishon" Romance Death Match "National Treasure Boyfriend Audition" Love Deathmatch Love Death Match "National Treasure Boyfriend Audition"


An audition program that gathers a wide variety of people, such as perfect boy talent Sonomiya Ren and popular band vocalist Shibata Kaede. There are 5 judging criteria; visual power, numa power (attractive force that keeps getting addicted), peace of mind power, hospitality power, and super darling power. Each episode progresses while responding to the themes and situations presented, such as "If you are a national treasure boyfriend, make a confession that you will never forget in your life''.

In the end, the girl who played the opponent gets a score and competes for the total score. Who has the title of National Treasure Boyfriend?!

Original Network: Hulu;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Romance; Youth;

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