Nagashima Toshiyuki (1956)

Nagashima Toshiyuki (1956)

Other Name: 永島敏行 ながしま としゆき 永岛敏行 Toshiyuki Nagashima Тошиюки Нагашима

Age: 68

Birthday: October, 21, 1956

Nationality: Chuo Ward, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Height: 0 CM

Nagashima Toshiyuki is a Japanese actor from Imai, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. His agency is Grand Slam Co., Ltd. After graduating from Chiba City High School, he graduated from Senshu University Faculty of Letters, Department of Humanities.

He is also the representative director of Aozora Ichiba Co., Ltd." which provides consulting and lectures on agriculture, forestry, and fishery products.

Nagashima made his debut as an actor in the 1977 movie "Dokaben". As his second work, "Third," received high praise as a work, Nagashima, who starred in the film, also attracted attention and won many domestic rookie awards that year. He played an active role as a leading character around 1980, but since then, he has been appearing mainly as a supporting character in movies, TV dramas, and theatrical performances.

In 2013, he became a visiting professor at Akita Prefectural University. He teaches the fascination of agriculture under the title "Invitation to Bioresource Sciences".

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