Nagasaki Burabura Bushi (2000)

Nagasaki Burabura Bushi (2000)

Other name: 長崎ぶらぶら節 Nagasaki Bura Bura It Is a Long Walk


Set in the southern city of Nagasaki during the 1920s, the story depicts the romantic involvement between a beautiful aging woman who used to be a legendary geisha, Aihachi, and an equally aging businessman and amateur scholar and historian, Jujiro Koga, that take place in the city of Nagasaki. Smitten with her talent and mature beauty, Koga invites Aihachi to record Nagasaki folk songs before they disappear forever.

Adapted from Rei Nakanishi's award-winning novel.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2000

Genre: Drama; Geishas; Historical; Romance;

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