Machida Keita (1990)

Machida Keita (1990)

Other Name: 町田啓太 まちだ けいた 마치다 케이타 Keita Machida Мачида Кейта

Age: 34

Birthday: July, 04, 1990

Nationality: Higashiagatsuma, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Height: 183 CM

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Machida Keita is a Japanese actor. He is a member of stage troupe EXILE and is represented by LDH.

Machida joined Gekidan EXILE on January 25, 2011, after successfully passing the Dai 3kai Gekidan EXILE Audition. Although in July 2011, he was announced as a candidate member of Generations from Exile Tribe and left Gekidan EXILE. In September of the same year, he injured the calf of his right leg and focused on recovering.

On February 14, 2012, it was reported that he had dropped out from being a Generations candidate and rejoined Gekidan EXILE to focus on acting.

On December 25, 2022, Machida announced that he and actress Hyunri have gotten married.

Active Years: 2010 - now

Blood Type: O

Education: Nippon Sport Science University

Occupation: Actor

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