Kanjou 8-go Sen

Kanjou 8-go Sen

Other name: 感情8号線 かんじょうはちごうせん Kanjou 8 go Sen Kanjo Hachi Gosen Ring Road Line 8


Ogikubo, Hachimanyama, Chitose Funabashi, Futako Tamagawa, Kaminoge, and Denen Choufu... Loop line 8 travels along these six towns. Despite the short distance, it is necessary to change trains and take a circuitous route. There are women living in each of these towns who waver over love that has not turned out as they wish such as one-sided love, domestic violence, and affairs. Like “neighbors” who have to go a long way around, their relationships are loosely connected. They are somehow only able to see each other’s appearances maybe because of the nature of these relationships and then wonder why things are not going well for them personally. They worry and compare with others but still wish to look ahead.

Adapted from the 2015 novel "Kanjou 8-go Sen" by Hatano.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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