Lee Tae Min (1993)

Lee Tae Min (1993)

Other Name: 이태민 Taemin I Tae Min

Age: 31

Birthday: July, 18, 1993

Nationality: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 173 CM

Lee Tae Min is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actor, promotional model, and member of SM Entertainment's boy group Shinee, which debuted on May 25th, 2008, on SBS's music show "Inkigayo". Lee was discovered at the 2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting. Lee debuted as an actor in the sitcom "Taehee-Hyegyo-Jihyun!". In 2019, he became a member of SM Entertainment's supergroup SuperM.

Taemin enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 31, 2021. On January 14, 2022, Taemin was transferred from the military band to public service due to worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety. He was discharged from his military service on April 4, 2023.

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